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Known as the "small town with a big heart", you will be surprised by the warm welcome which awaits you in this quaint country town. 
Situated in the shadow of the majestic Langeberg mountains with the Breede River as its life blood, Robertson is the western gateway to The Heart of Route 62, only 1 ½ hours leisurely drive from Cape Town.

Bob the Backpacking Ostrich arrived at Robertson on the 1st November 2007.

He was adopted by Kevin & Lynda from Robertson Backpackers. His life ambition was to travel. Kevin & Lynda decided
to help him out, and had a backpack made and obtained a passport for him. The idea to get Bob around the world is to pass
him onto backpackers while they are on their travels, they will then in turn pass him on to other backpackers.

On the 16th november 2007, Bob was given to his first backpacking friend, and so began his wordly travels.

bob - bungee prep bob - bungee sa 2007 bob - bungee here i go bob - bungee whew made it

Bob has become the unofficial ambassador for Robertson and backpacking in South Africa & the world. His adventures have
taken him to 17 different counties & have included Skydiving & River Rafting in Robertson, Sailing & seeing Polar Bears in the
Artic Circle, Riding Horses & meeting the tribes in Kazakhstan, Bungee Jumping, Trump Towers and Times Square in USA,
Shopped in Dubai, sailed around the islands of Indonesia and more.

Bob's reason for travelling is not only to promote South Africa & his home town of Robertson, but also to promote all the positive
aspects of travelling. Travelling is like opening "Pandora’s box", it gives you a chance to look at familiar things with new eyes and
new things with different eyes. As Mark Twain said "Travel is fatal to prejudice bigotry and narrow-mindedness."

Travelling not only teaches you about other cultures, but also teaches you about yourself and your own culture. We live in an
amazing and beautiful world, and Bob hopes to promote that.

bob - ready to travel bob - usa 2009 bob - tsitsikamma nov 2010

The latest news from Bob - last year he did some sky diving in Robertson with world famous skydiver Olav Zipser,
this was in aid of Save the Rhino fund. Have a look at the excitement on the You Tube Video.

Bob Skydiving bob - robertson 2009 bob - uk 2010 Bob MiddleEast

After a years rest at Robertson Backpackers, he is now back on the road. He has started his 3rd trip around the world in Australia.


Bob 2 Bob 3

After traveling for a year in South America and Australia. Some more photos of Bob with some friends

he made while he was in South America.


While he was in South America, he met a lady friend called Sana.  They were about to get engaged, but his travel commitments would have kept them apart for too long.  

They remain best of friends.


Bob is back in his home town of Robertson.  He made it home just in time to join Kevin & Lynda on their epic overland trip through Africa for a year.  He will be going as far as Uganda & back.  

Visiting Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya & then coming back down the coast via Tanzania & Mozambique.


We look forward to reading more about Bob's travels.

Bob 1

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