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Robertson is one of South Africa's most renowned wine-producing regions characterised by the unique features of diurnal temperature variations leading to rich and distinct flavour profiles and pockets of limestone comparable to the French region of Chablis.


Backed by almost half a century of Chardonnay viticulture and winemaking between Robertson and Bonnievale, the custodians of different family estates have aligned themselves to launch Calcrete, a wine category of minerally unwooded Chardonnay that defines the region.

The new wine category of Calcrete has been introduced under the auspices of the wineries Weltevrede, De Wetshof, Rietvallei, Excelsior and Van Loveren as a unique collective committed to a distinctive expression of Robertson terroir through Chardonnays embodying a riveting and distinctive style that is set to become one of the most exciting categories in the Cape wine offering.

Geologically, Calcrete refers to the white deposits of limestone in soils. From this terroir the Calcrete wines draw their unique character, their purity, their sophistication and minerality. Chardonnay wines labelled as Calcrete are specially selected from the Bonnievale-Robertson region only and are arguably the closest resemblance to Chablis you will find in South Africa, however with their unique regionality. They are a true expression of local minerality, the forté of this region. Calcrete can’t be produced anywhere else but within its boundaries and only by approved wine estates who have proved over decades to have presented Calcrete-like Chardonnay in its stylistic singularity.



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